Warranty for COLOP e-mark



The warranty for the e-mark is a voluntary agreement of COLOP (AE Stamp Sdn Bhd), towards the end customer. This additional service does not replace, restrict or alter in any way the legal warranty. The end customer always has the choice whether to make use of the manufacturer’s warranty or the legal warranty.


The warranty claim can only be asserted upon providing the relevant invoice.


All components exchanged by COLOP or the respective contract partner become property of COLOP.




COLOP agrees to pay for the repair / replacement and shipping costs incurred under the warranty. If a review of the warranty case concludes that no guarantee or warranty claim can be made in the respective case, COLOP reserves the right to charge the incurred costs.


Period of time


The applicable period of the manufacturer’s warranty granted by COLOP is (12 months), if not communicated differently. This period starts with the purchase of the device by the end customer.

In case of a faulty repair or replacement, the period of the warranty will not be renewed, therefore, the period of one year from the date of purchase continues to apply.


Geographical scope


The warranty claim can only be raised in the country where the product was purchased. The warranty does not replace the legal requirements regarding the statutory warranty, but can be considered by the end customer as an alternative additional service.


What is guaranteed?


COLOP warrants a COLOP e-mark that has a defect in material, functionality or workmanship within the given warranty period and which cause is not due to wear/tear as a result of normal use, to be repaired or replaced at their sole discretion. However, this claim must be asserted immediately, at the latest one week after the expiry of the given guarantee.


It is guaranteed that the repaired or replaced hardware products are equivalent in performance, reliability and functionality to the original product.

If another defect in terms of material, functionality or workmanship arises within the remaining warranty or up to a maximum of 14 days after the repair, it is guaranteed the COLOP will also remedy this defect.

If within the remainder of the warranty or up to a maximum of 14 days after the repair another defect in terms of material, functionality or workmanship arises, then it is guaranteed that COLOP will also remedy this defect.


Product-/component-specific exceptions


Rechargeable batteries

For original COLOP e-mark batteries, COLOP gives a warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase.

The fact that the maximum capacity decreases over time or use and the cycle life of a battery may vary considerably, depending on the environment, nature and frequency of use, implies that both the reduction of the battery’s capacity as well as the cycle life are not subject to a defect in terms of warranty.


Ink cartridge

Ink cartridges are considered as consumables and are therefore excluded from the warranty.


What is not guaranteed?


The manufacturer’s warranty of COLOP only refers to the hardware distributed by COLOP and does not contain any guarantee for the provided software.


Wear and tear of normal use cannot be objected to, unless they are directly attributable to a defect in material or workmanship.


Furthermore, no guarantee can be given for uninterrupted or error-free operation of the product or for damage caused by improper use.


In addition, there is no warranty for defects with the following causes

  • oversight, misuse, spilled liquids, wrong use, pollution, improper or insufficient maintenance or other external causes
  • by using it beyond the operation parameters described in the documentation supplied with the product
  • by the use and/or adaptation of software, interfaces or components not explicitly approved by COLOP
  • through unauthorized repairs or other changes on the product


Limitation of liability


COLOP is under no circumstances liable for any consequential damages of physical, psychological or economic nature which arose or will arise from a limited/non-existent operational capability of the product because of a defect.




COLOP warrants the repair or replacement of defects that are subject to warranty. For this, the following basic procedure applies.


Carry-in service

The customer brings the product to the respective point of sale. Depending on the service capability of the point of sale and the type of defect, the product is repaired on site within a reasonable period of time, which always meets the legal requirements, or sent to COLOP or its technical contractor for repair.

The repaired product is to be picked up by the customer at the point of sale upon receipt of a notification.


Mail-in service

The customer packs the defective product according to the packaging and transport guidelines and sends it to the respective point of sale or to an address specified by COLOP. The shipping costs will be refunded in retrospect by COLOP. The product is directly returned to the customer upon completion of the repairs or in case of replacement.


How to Return

To request for a warranty return, follow the steps as below:

  1. Fill up the return form
  2. Attach the form, proof of purchase or receipt and email to support@aestamp.com.my